Jokowi’s Political Acquisition Will Make The Prabowo Camp Fall Over?

242 – It seems that the Jokowi camp is playing a political strategy of Sun Tzu teachings, by trying to let opponents fight on their own and get tired, then the enemy will be easily overpowered .

“Strategy 4

Make enemies fatigue while saving energy. It is an advantage to plan the time and place of a battle. In this way, you will know when and where the battle will take place, while your enemy will not. encourage your enemies to use energy in vain while you collect / save energy. When he is exhausted and confused, you attack.”(Sun Tzu)

Sun Tzu’s strategy is seen from the acquisition of Jokowi’s politics by recruiting prominent figures, mostly from Islamic backgrounds.

The first person Jokowi acquired was Dr Moh Ali Mochtar Ngabalin.
the former success team of the Prabowo camp during the 2014 Presidential Election was expected to be able to dismantle Prabowo’s stronghold.

It was quite easy to recruit Ngabalin, only by placing him as a staff of presidential experts.
Ngabalin played his role by attacking Prabowo’s camp all the way to personal matters.
Unfortunately the confrontational Ngabalin style is not accepted by the public.
slowly the Ngabalin role began to be drawn.

The next target of the acquisition of Jokowi’s camp is Tuan Guru Bajang. The Governor of NTB with a background in Egyptian Al Ahzar University graduates is expected to be able to break the militancy of the Islamic ummah.
TGB joined the Jokowi camp allegedly due to legal issues.

The TGB also does not provide much power to strengthen Jokowi’s stronghold.

Jokowi’s greatest aquisitions are to collaborate with KH Makruf Amin as a Vice-President Candidate.

Makruf as Chair of the MUI as well as the former Advisory Council of the Movement 212, besides being expected to be able to consolidate the power of the Islamic ummah is also expected to be able to break the solidity of the movement 212 .

The effort to collaborate with Makruf Amin did not seem to be entirely successful. Evidently the 212 alumni movement was even stronger, even non-Muslims also helped strengthen the ranks.

Meanwhile, the existence of Makruf Amin on the Jokowi’s camp was also protested. especially when Makruf Amin was absent for a campaign month because of his dislocated leg.

Partai Bulan Bintang (PBB) chairman Yusril Ihza Mahendra did not escape from Jokowi’s target. Originally YIM stated that he was only Jokowi’s lawyer.
Later, he played his part by personally attacking Prabowo’s camp.

The joining of YIM to the Jokowi camp caused a wave of protests from the PBB internal. How come the PBB even held a meeting to demand that YIM resign from his position as Chair of the PBB.

Ustadz Yusuf Mansur was also targeted to help strengthen Jokowi’s ranks. Reportedly Yusuf Mansur was in the middle of a paytrend business law case so he sought legal protection to the palace.

Yusuf Mansur was rather embarrassed to express support. it seems that it is known occasionally to meet Sandiaga Uno.

Jokowi’s weak electability in East Java Province, especially on the island of Madura is expected to strengthen again by recruiting the Chairperson of East Java Pemuda Pancasila La Nyalla Matta Liti.

It is known that La Nyalla is also the former Prabowo Success Team who crossed into the Jokowi camp because of the nomination of the East Java Governor in 2016, La Nyalla did not get a letter of recommendation from the Gerindra Party .

He also did not help enough, even if he wanted to cut his neck if Jokowi lost on Madura Island he pulled it back.

It seems that La Nyalla is aware that Jokowi’s electability is difficult to help.

Approaching the general election, the jokowi camp actually played rough by making emotional attacks and seemed nervous.

Will Jokowi tumble over?
we wait for the strategy to be launched next, when all the strategies have been read by the opponent. (#)


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