Jember is The Paradise of the world

  • Bagikan – Jember. Maybe you need to know about a city in Indonesia precisely in the East Java province. Jember is a district full of a variety of beautiful and worthy places.
the population is around 2.7 million people spread across 31 sub-districts and 248 villages.

Jember is led by a smart, innovative woman, dr Faida MMR. Strongly supports the growth of culture and development in all fields.
the vice-regent was a polite and friendly Islamic scholar, KH Abdul Muqit Arief.

I will try to describe the beauty of the City of Jember.
if you like to travel to the beach, there are many beach tours that are worth a visit including, Watu Ulo beach, Love Bay, Papuma and Puger.

If you like mountain tourism, the northern part of Jember is the Hyang Argopuro mountain range, which runs from west to east. You can visit the Gunung Gambir tea garden or Rembangan Tourism.

Jember culture is very diverse. This city is known as “Pandalungan”.
an area whose community is a mixed society of various ethnicities.

The dominant ethnic group is Java and Madura.
The community is very democratic and open to progress.
Culture that lives and develops, including Musik Patrol, kentrung, “can macanan kadduk”, pencak silat, ketoprak, ludruk and various other regional arts.

Every year Jember holds a Jember Fashion Charnaval (JFC) show.

Visiting Jember as you visit paradise, full of amazing natural scenery.

You don’t need to worry about staying overnight, you can choose suitable hotels and inns.

At night, you may also enjoy the night atmosphere in the city square of Jember.

about culinary, Jember has a variety of culinary that will spoil your tongue.

Jember Community is an agricultural society that relies on living from farming and fishing. Because this city has been known since the Dutch colonial era with its tobacco.

Inspired by the superior plant, the famous traditional dance, Labako Dance, was created.

Regarding transportation, the city already has adequate transportation facilities, taxis, trains and flights.

or you can also try traditional vehicles, such as horse carts, or Pegon, or rickshaws.

visiting Jember you will definitely be spoiled. (#)

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